Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Grand Design

Maybe God knows what He is doing after all. has posted an article on the human Appendix.

Turns out that it is not in fact a "vestigial" organ. It is part of a grand design and an important organ in the immune system. However it is a testament to God's mercy and wisdom that we can live without our Appendix. He designed our bodies to function even when we are born with out certain parts or need to have them removed.

Sadly, one of the researchers had this to say, "We're not saying that Darwin's idea of evolution is wrong — that would be absurd, as we're using his ideas on evolution to do this work," Parker told LiveScience. "It's just that Darwin simply didn't have the information we have now."

Perhaps if they did their research based on how God said that the human body was made they would make larger strides in medical and scientific research as Blaise Pascal, Sir Isaac Newton, Louis Pasteur and many others did.

One organisation that we really love and recommend is Answers In Genesis. They provide scientifically sound, thought provoking articles from a Biblical perspective. Please check out their website!


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