Friday, September 4, 2009

BBC Disability Ministry Blog

Today at GDS we wanted to highlight the BBC Disability Ministry Blog.

"We exist to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ.

We joyfully live with a hard and glorious truth: God purposes disability in his creation for his glory and for our good."

The BBC Disability Ministry Blog is a ministry that we have been personally blessed and encouraged by. We have had the pleasure of meeting the writter of this blog, Mr. John Knight, who is also the Director for Development at Desiring God Ministries, and he speaks and writes about the topic of disability with a heartfelt compassion, wisdom, grace and humility that only comes from many years of dependence on God and His mercy's. We also like Mr. Knight because he has one of the most honest, open and joyfull personalities that we have met and his writting reflects that.

Mr. Knight's blog posts deal with everything from personal experiences (his son was born with disabilities and his wife has experienced cancer) to national and international law and the ramifications of those laws on the disabled and ill. However, every post is Christ saturated and God glorifying.

Every trial is viewed through the lens of the cross and the Gospel.

Every victory is through acquired strength given by Christ.

Please take a moment to read a few of of the posts on the BBC Disability Blog. Also, we would love it if you shared the web addresses of any disability ministries that have blessed you in the comments!

Grace and Peace in Christ - Tavia Pitkanen


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Grand Design

Maybe God knows what He is doing after all. has posted an article on the human Appendix.

Turns out that it is not in fact a "vestigial" organ. It is part of a grand design and an important organ in the immune system. However it is a testament to God's mercy and wisdom that we can live without our Appendix. He designed our bodies to function even when we are born with out certain parts or need to have them removed.

Sadly, one of the researchers had this to say, "We're not saying that Darwin's idea of evolution is wrong — that would be absurd, as we're using his ideas on evolution to do this work," Parker told LiveScience. "It's just that Darwin simply didn't have the information we have now."

Perhaps if they did their research based on how God said that the human body was made they would make larger strides in medical and scientific research as Blaise Pascal, Sir Isaac Newton, Louis Pasteur and many others did.

One organisation that we really love and recommend is Answers In Genesis. They provide scientifically sound, thought provoking articles from a Biblical perspective. Please check out their website!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1000 Reasons To Follow @GoDoSomething on Twitter!

Today we have reached our 1000th post on the @GoDoSomething Twitter account!

Thank you to the many people and organisations who follow us and frequently re-tweet us! We appreciate the many kind and encouraging comments so many of you send us and we covet your prayers.
We are very blessed to be able to connect with and learn from all of you.

If you have a Twitter account we would be honored if you followed us and if you don't have one, you really should! It's fun, mildly addicting and a wonderful way to connect with people and ministries.

Grace and Peace in Christ. - The G.D.S. Team


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