Friday, June 5, 2009

Travel the Road Vlog

Did you know that Tim Scott and Will Decker from "Travel The Road" have a Vlog?! I didn't until just today. One of our staff members found it online.

Click here to watch some of their newest adventures.

Will is hilarious and a great photographer (check out their website) and on their DVDs Tim does some of the best narration work I've ever heard. Not to mention that they boldly go all over the world doing front line mission work to places, people and countries that most of us would never even dream of trying to reach, all for the name of Christ and the glory of God. They have partnered with Overland Missions to go to more than twenty-five countries with the specific mission of preaching the gospel to unreached people groups and encouraging the church to be active in their faith and to share the Gospel.

The episode of Travel the Road that I have been permanently impacted by was in Season 2, Episode 9. (Click the link to watch!)

Tim and Will visited the Reindeer Tribe on the steppes of Siberia by divine appointment. They had heard about this people group and wanted to go share the Gospel with them, uncertain if anyone ever had. The roads were far too rough for their vehicle to travel, so they and their interpreters rode horses for six hours up into the mountains to the area where the Reindeer Tribe was thought to be camping. Night was fast approaching and the weather was turning colder, they needed shelter. They stumbled across an empty tent belonging to one of the outlying Reindeer families and decided to take shelter, hoping that the owners would not be angry for their imposition when they returned.

In the middle of the night a father, named Holston, and his son returned to the tent. They were very gracious and were happy to share their tent with these strangers. They even made them food and hot tea to help warm them from their long journey. Holston told Tim and Will that a group of missionaries visited them two years ago and showed them the Jesus movie and then gave a picture book about the gospel to his son. Since then, his son had been reading the book every day and kept telling his father that Jesus would come again.

Then Holston told them where he and his son had just come back from. Early this morning he had taken his son farther up the mountain because he thought that they should offer sacrifices to their land. But, his son told him that he would only worship Jesus. Holston replied to his son sarcasticly, "You pray to Jesus, and if He appears, I will believe also." The father and son had been walking all day, up the mountain and then back down to their encampment, only to find these missionaries, sent by God, in their tent waiting for them! Needless to say, Holston was surprised but he also grasped the weight of this moment. He remembered what he had said to his son only that morning.

Tim and Will, along with their translator, shared the Gospel with Holston again. In this visit, Holston saw a God who was bigger than the gods he worshiped, he saw a God of impeccable timing and wisdom. He saw a God who was faithful in His promises, even to one small boy who believed in the hope of Christ on the steppes of Siberia. That night, Holston said that he would worship Jesus as God. The next morning, the rest of Holston's family came home. He explained to them that these missionaries had come to tell them about God. He wanted to hear every story they could tell him about Jesus, his life, work and ministry.

"Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and your dominion endures throughout all generations. (The LORD is faithful in all his words and kind in all his works.)" (Psalm 145:13)


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