Monday, May 18, 2009

Star Trek v. Africa

Star Trek topped out at a $75.2 million opening weekend in the U.S. alone, per final numbers as of May 11th from Exhibitor Relations. And according to entertainment the movie was estimated to make $100 million this weekend. (And these numbers are just the price of the ticket for the movie, this does not take into consideration the price of gas to travel to and from the movie and all of the overpriced concessions bought in the theater).

Those numbers are so big I have a hard time wrapping my mind around them, but I got out my calculator and did a little math.

Did you know that for $35.00 a month ($420.00 for a year) you can support a child through World Vision? I did a little more math and discovered that if the money that was spent by America alone, in one weekend, to go sit in a dark theater for two hours watching Star Trek had been given to World Vision, over 179,048 children could have been supported for a an entire year!

Did you know that World Vision has programs in place for: Africa Food Aid (Every seven seconds, a child dies at the hand of a silent killer. Hunger...), Disaster Response (Cyclone-ravaged Myanmar, Western China, Darfur, Sudan...), Lifesaving Medicines and Supplies (your gift will multiply in impact to help children in the world's poorest countries.), Seeds, Tools, and Training in Africa (Millions of children all over the world are desperately hungry. Everyday is a fight for survival.) Water and Sanitation (Unsafe water kills 5,700 children a day. Start saving them with one small act.)?

Now, take into consideration that according to Yahoo movies, to date: X-Men Origins has grossed $129,032,435.00, at the U.S. Box Office, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past has grossed $30,054,386.00, Obsessed has grossed $56,207,576.00, 17 Again has grossed $53,994,515.00, Monsters v. Aliens has grossed $186,774,092.00, The Soloist has grossed $23,845,177.00, Earth has grossed $26,264,242.00, and the numbers for Angels and Demons are not in yet, but are predicted to surpass $70,000,000.00!

I am not criticising any of these movies specifically, but I am criticising our laps in judgment as a nation. The numbers above are absolutely staggering and I have only listed nine movies in their opening weeks. How can we possibly believe that it's alright to go and watch a mind numbing movie that does nothing for our souls, and for an already obese nation to gorge itself on soda and over-priced, extra buttered popcorn when according to World Vision (see quote above) every seven seconds a child dies of hunger! While you sat in a theater watching Captain Kirk and Spock "Save the Galaxy" for two hours, over 1,080 children died because they did not have enough to eat. What could you have accomplished in those two hours that you spent in a theater? You can't get that time back.

Next time, why don't you "Boldly go where none of your friends have gone before." Pick a cause to get behind: Poverty, hunger, AIDS, Human Trafficking, Child Solders, Prison Ministry...etc. and pour your money, time and heart into that.

I promise that it will be far more rewarding than seeing a fictional character save a fictional world. Go Do Something! - Tavia Pitkanen


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