Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Won Over Through Acts of Love, Grace and Peace: Thoughts on Abortion - Part 1

In the month of January, thousands of people left their homes to attend rallies all across the country at their state capitals, asking local representatives to end abortion in their state. Some travelled for hours to participate. Some stood for hours in sub-zero temperatures once they were there. They had signs and posters to wave and they sang songs. Speeches were made and emotions were elevated.

Throughout the rest of the year, there are numerous protests outside of abortion clinics nationwide. People often become angry. People from both sides. Sometimes violence has broken out. Injury and even death have resulted.

Since the Supreme Court upheld the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, abortion in the United States has become a much-politicized issue.
· People who are pro-choice believe that not being able to have an abortion infringes on their rights as a person to be in control of their own body (I could say much on this issue but won’t because Scott Klusendorf says it far better than I ever could).
· People who are pro-life believe that a person is fully human with every right endowed to humanity from the moment of conception until their natural death and so abortion affects two people, not one.

Now, why do the two sides have such different opinions since we have the same medical research and information available to both groups? It is because they have different worldviews.
· Many pro-choice people do not believe that an un-born baby is “human” until it has been born. Some pro-choice people are atheists; they do not believe that God has given each of us a life and a soul, a purpose and a plan. They believe that aborting a baby is no less of a crime than putting down an animal or removing a tumor from someone’s body, so it does not seem wrong to them.
· Most pro-life people believe in the God of the Bible. They believe that he is holy and sovereign. They believe that he is the giver of life and that he has ordained every life that there is. Most pro-life people believe that God chose to make people in his own image and so human life is sacred and that to destroy something that God himself has ordained and created is one of the most rebellious and heinous crimes.

This year, Barack Obama became president of the United States and because he is pro-choice (even though he says that he believes in God); I wonder if more people will attend the anti-abortion rallies throughout the coming year. In one sense, my heart is with those at the rallies. They are speaking out boldly against a huge injustice. Many have endured insults, harassment, and even being sent to jail to stand up for what they believe is right, and I thank them for their courage.

However, here is the problem with the rallies: after everyone waves their signs, sings their songs, and listens to all the speeches, in the end, they all load back onto their buses and go home. It is an event. After it is over, no one is speaking out until the next event, when everyone will stand outside with their signs, again asking politicians to change the law for us.

I think that most pro-life people believe that since Roe v. Wade was politicized and legalized that the anti-abortion battle must be fought on a political plane. By politicizing abortion in our hearts, we are actually addressing the issue from a far weaker standpoint. By politicizing abortion in our minds, and by only challenging abortion through political channels (in a country thoroughly saturated by evolutionary teaching that gives no thought to a divine creator), we have created a nearly insurmountable wall for ourselves. Our strength does not lie in well-attended rallies or eloquent speeches. Our strength does not lie in which governor or president is or is not pro-life.

Our strength in the pro-life movement lies in Christ, and will only succeed when we follow his example.

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KWiz February 21, 2009 at 8:01 PM  

I can appreciate your point of view; yet as a Christian, I take issue with the statement that President Obama is pro-choice but he believes in God. If you remember from the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, God gave them a choice. They made the wrong choice, that is acknowledged. But if God forced us to do His bidding (which if you read the narratives in the Old Testament you'll discover He does not), then He wouldn't be the gracious and merciful God Christians claim Him to be.

I am a Christian, yet I believe that we have choices to make. God said in Deuteronomy 30 "I set before you life and prosperity, death and curse." WE must choose, and hope and pray we choose well and wisely. A woman who is in a precarious position of having to make a decision to abort her fetus already is agonized by having to make the decision. Christians make these decisions everyday.

Acts of love - do people who oppose a woman's right to choose and then try to force a woman to keep a fetus under whatever circumstance (because how could one on the outside of her situation even begin to know what she's going through) - are they walking in love?


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